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International Diamond Laboratories grading standards

International Diamond Laboratories leading edge technologies have moved diamond grading from an art to a science. At International Diamond Laboratories, objectivity is not just a statement, it is the result of scientifically based standards. Consistency through technology? is our commitment to the diamond & jewelry professionals and public we serve worldwide.

International Diamond Laboratories is the first global diamondlab to achieve a full definition of the SI3 clarity grade. It bridges the existing gap on the market between the SI2 and I1 grade. International Diamond Laboratories’ techniques create an accuracy in clarity grading that will benefit your business.

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International Diamond Laboratories is licensed to grade in accordance with the GIA Diamond Cut Grading System. The system is the result of extensive computer modeling and observations on actual stones to validate the science.

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International Diamond Laboratories products

 diamond certificate
The International Diamond Laboratories Diamond Certificate offers in a threefold luxurious cover detailed information on the 4 C’s. It confirms the natural character of the diamond and offers a detailed plotting of the internal and external characteristics of the diamond.

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         compact certificate

       The International Diamond Laboratories Mini Cert is a twofold document offering detailed information on the 4 C’s and it confirms the natural character of the diamond. It is available for diamonds up to 1ct.

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   The International Diamond Laboratories Sealing showcases the diamond in a tamper-proof container.
   It is fully transparent and clearly summarizes the 4 C’s

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  48 hours
Only International Diamond Laboratories provides grading results within 48 hours after a diamond’s arrival in the diamondlab, giving you time to market your diamonds faster.